F.A.C.E Cosmetic Surgery Center in Palm Springs, CA

Would you like to know more about any procedure? Make an appointment for a consultation today.
Please send an email to Staff@facesurgical.com or call us at: 760-459-2880 and we will contact you immediately.
Dr. Hearne will address your concerns and schedule time to meet with you and to discuss your needs.
Palm Springs and La Quinta are desert getaways for spectacular scenery, golf resorts, spas, fabulous shopping and unforgettable dining. Palm Springs and La Quinta offer many options and accommodations for F.A.C.E. patients allowing Dr. Jennifer Hearne to monitor patients post op and through the recovery period.
The offices located just a few blocks from downtown Palm Springs and La Quinta are equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools and operating room on site, for treatment and surgical procedures.
Palm Springs Office: 1900 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, C4, Palm Springs, California
La Quinta Office: 78080 Avenida La Fonda, La Quinta, California